Life & work tipsPassion 20 July 2017
Yara’s personal advice: How to make it in the fashion business

Ten years ago, I took my first steps into the so-called harsh fashion industry. I landed internships (and jobs) at

Lattes and laptopsPlaces 19 July 2017
Work break: 10x best iced coffee in Amsterdam

What’s better than a sunny work break? A sunny work break with an iced coffee on the side! These are

PeopleWhat the team wears 17 July 2017
What the Chapter Friday Team Wears

A great What The Chapter Friday Team Wears-shot is not about the outfit, it’s about the surroundings and perfect lighting

Life & work tipsPassion 13 July 2017
These are the 7 habits that help us succeed in life

We all want to succeed in the things we do – don’t we? According to one famous writer, the path

girl power
Trends: yay or nay 12 July 2017
12 x girl power tees with a feminist touch

Why wear a plain white t-shirt when you can wear one with a bold statement too? Lately, feminist and girl

Career StoriesPassion 10 July 2017
Career Stories: Sabine (23) started a fashion label on Bali

How about starting your own fashion label on… beautiful Bali? It combines the greatest wishes of nearly every girl boss:

Travel 6 July 2017
You don’t want to miss this! Your BIG Holland summer guide!

Oh, boy. It’s summertime! I don’t know about you, but when the sun’s out, I feel the urge to grab my

Interior inspoPlaces 4 July 2017
Refresh your outdoor living space with these 5 essentials

Make the most of that extra daylight! The balmy summer days are officially here (‘officially’ – haven’t seen them in

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