30 August 2017
Let’s talk… Sustainable Fashion Myths with Willa

Whether you’re an eco princess or not, it’s good to be aware of the fact that the fashion industry is

Daily sparkPassion 28 August 2017
7 x Inspiring, women-empowering podcasts

There’s something refreshing about listening to people, all over the world, share stories intimately, right in your ear. It’s not

PeopleWhat the team wears 25 August 2017
What the CHAPTER FRIDAY team wears

At Chapter Friday, we’re single-handedly keeping the overall business alive. And honestly, what is not to like about outfits as

Life & work tipsPassion 23 August 2017
Kim (Yara’s BFF) shares her 3 go-to work looks

Dress for success! Are you prepared to make that terrific fashion impression at work? Kim van Noord (aka Yara’s partner in

Life & work tipsPassion 21 August 2017
Career Girl Monday #3: Caroline Glasbergen

We believe Mondays can be the day where real good things happen. That’s why we feature inspiring women who share their very

Lattes and laptopsPlaces 18 August 2017
Lattes & Laptops: NewWerktheater

What a gem. What a gem! We discovered a new favorite working spot in Amsterdam. It’s called NewWerktheater. The NewWerktheater is

Life & work tipsPassion 16 August 2017
Cake! Ice cream! Sprinkles! Caroline Khoo is a dessert stylist

Caroline Khoo is an Australian based superstar dessert stylist that takes her delicious dessert creations from great-to-glam by styling them

polka dots
PersonalYara's outfits 14 August 2017
My love affair with polka dots

Did you know that polka dots first appeared in the 1930s? In my opinion, the classic polka dot never goes

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