PersonalTrends: yay or nay 16 March 2017
An ode to the mules + where to shop them

They’re comfy, feminine, perfect for Spring and you can get them in all colors and fabrics. We’re talking mules! Yes,

Let's talk... 13 March 2017
Let’s talk… dealing with RSI

It’s time to DESKERCISE! RSI has always been a hot topic at the Chapter Friday office. As you might know,

Personal 10 March 2017
YES! Cotton candy pink hair

Hello there, spring pastels! I have to admit I’ve been dreaming of sweet pink hair for quite a bit; it

Daily sparkLife & work tipsPassion 8 March 2017
Wise words from smart women (that will inspire you instantly)

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we celebrate the┬ásocial, economic, cultural and political achievements of women all over the world.┬áBut it

At Home WithPeople 6 March 2017
At home with: creative Nina Nijland

Wonder why shops like All The Luck In The World look so pretty? It’s because of inspiring young creatives like

Snackchat 4 March 2017
Snackchat: best burgers in Amsterdam

Is there something in the world that equals the utter deliciousness of a flame grilled patty with ground beef, melted

PlacesTravel 28 February 2017
Incredible Airbnb locations in Europe

When it comes to holiday accommodation: I could go on forever. Since the invention of Airbnb (isn’t it the best?),

Life & work tipsPassion 25 February 2017
5 Inspiring books for women in business

In need of some inspiration? There are so many compelling books to consider, but if you want to read something

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