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Yara's Corner 13 January 2017
Outfit + big personal updates about 2017

Wow, these first two weeks of 2017 have passed in the blink of an eye, am I right? Honestly, I thought

Yara's Corner 31 December 2016
A roundup of our favorite stories of 2016

Bringing in a new year is not just a cause for champagne, dancing and glitter confetti – but for reflecting on the past year

Yara's Corner 19 December 2016
Fluffy coats: a reason to leave the house

Bring on the cold! Now there’s something I never thought I’d say… But it turns out I’m happy to leave the house

Yara's Corner 15 December 2016
Why we need some “hygge” – a heartwarming Danish life lesson

They say Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the whole wide world. Why? Because they know their hygge.

Yara's Corner 1 December 2016
Letter from the editor: December

Ah yes. We’re settling in for a cozy winter. What will Chapter Friday focus on this December? Clearly it’s a

Yara's Corner 18 October 2016
Letter from the Editor: It’s YES month!

Hi dear Chapter Friday readers! It’s a bit late for a Letter from the Editor, but I still wanted to

Yara's Corner 14 October 2016
Wearing teddy bears and being happy about it

No teddy bears were harmed in making this outfit. But then again, it does feel like I’m wearing a teddy bear

Yara's Corner 13 October 2016
We’re talking beauty from the inside and out

Let’s talk beauty! Is beauty about confidence, about feeling comfortable in your own skin, about loving yourself, about showing the

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