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Travel 22 January 2018
Mini Gent Guide

Forget about Brussels, forget about Antwerp – at least for the moment: Gent is the place to be when in

Travel 1 May 2017
Amsterdam bucket list: 75 things to do

So much to do, so little time. We’ve created the ultimate Amsterdam bucket list for you (I warn you, it’s long).

Travel 15 March 2017
Why not Munich? Our favorite hotspots in this vibrant city

Ahh Munich, the capital of Bavaria, very well known as a hotspot for Oktoberfest, a city filled with museums and

Travel 28 February 2017
Incredible Airbnb locations in Europe

When it comes to holiday accommodation: I could go on forever. Since the invention of Airbnb (isn’t it the best?),

Travel 12 December 2016
CHAPTER FRIDAY’s big fat London hotspot list

Every girl on the Chapter Friday team has been in London this year. Everyone? Yes, everyone. It’s because it’s one of

Travel 24 November 2016
What to do in Amsterdam this fall/winter?

The weather may be dreary, but Amsterdam is anything but dull during the slightly colder months. Sure, it gets cold, it

Travel 19 October 2016
Hedwig & Jeroen sold all their belongings and said YES to adventure

Hedwig (30) and her boyfriend Jeroen (33) made a quite radical decision, just a few weeks ago. They sold (almost) all

Travel 15 August 2016
Career Story: Yenkim and Misha and their hostel in Costa Rica

A lot of people (I do!) dream of living abroad and setting up a business far far away. In the end,

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