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Snackchat 31 May 2017
Snackchat: best Matcha in Amsterdam

How matcha do you like it? Matcha is everywhere these days, and not just in tea. Matcha iced lattes, milkshakes,

Snackchat 29 April 2017
Snackchat: best Eggs Benedict in Amsterdam

Calling all runny egg lovers! What beats two gooey, golden eggs with crispy bacon on two toasted muffins, topped off

Snackchat 4 March 2017
Snackchat: best burgers in Amsterdam

Is there something in the world that equals the utter deliciousness of a flame grilled patty with ground beef, melted

Snackchat 10 February 2017
Snackchat: Where to get the best fries in Amsterdam

The unwritten law? Fries should always become before guys. Oh, and yes: we’re talking actual fries here. You know big lumpy salty

Snackchat 20 January 2017
Snackchat: Where to get the best hot dogs in Amsterdam

What is it about hot dogs? They make a great snack (or two) and it looks like the hot dog

Snackchat 12 December 2016
CHAPTER FRIDAY’s big fat London hotspot list

Every girl on the Chapter Friday team has been in London this year. Everyone? Yes, everyone. It’s because it’s one of

Snackchat 28 November 2016
Snackchat: best breakfast pancakes in Amsterdam

Pancakes for president! Although the Dutch are famous for its (huge) pancakes, we prefer the fluffy American-style version for breakfast. Drenched

Snackchat 29 October 2016
Snackchat: best tacos in Amsterdam

Illustration by: Marie Bodie What’s not to love about the taco? It seems like the taco has FINALLY landed in

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