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Lattes and laptops 12 January 2017
Lattes & Laptops: Sticky Fingers

  Add a bright colored wall to your coffee shop and you’ll be assured hundreds of bloggers and Instagrammers will check your

kanarie club
Lattes and laptops 29 December 2016
Lattes & Laptops: Kanarie Club

Looking for a spot where you can work, brunch, chill, dine AND drink cocktails? Make sure to check out the latest

Lattes and laptops 7 December 2016
Lattes & Laptops: PARK

We’ve found a new happy place! It’s PARK, a chill out zone / working space / restaurant in Hotel Arena.

Louie Louie
Lattes and laptops 4 November 2016
Lattes & Laptops: Louie Louie

Looking for a place to stay all day? Meet Louie Louie in the east of Amsterdam. Come for breakfast, get

egg store
Lattes and laptops 10 October 2016
Lattes & Laptops: The Egg Store Haarlem

Who doesn’t like eggs? During our stroll through Haarlem (make sure to check our stories on Westhoff and Portrait too), we

Lattes and laptops 14 September 2016
Lattes & Laptops: Westhoff

Good wifi? Check. Good coffee? Check. Enough plugs to charge devices? Definitely, check! Finding the right work-friendly spaces can be quite

Lattes and laptops 9 September 2016
Lattes & Laptops: Coffee Bru

As color makes life better, we fell in love with Coffee Bru, a bright coffee place in the east of Amsterdam.

Lattes and laptops 20 August 2016
Lattes & Laptops: Bocca Coffee

Beautiful working space? Check! The independent Dutch coffee brand Bocca has been supplying coffee to some of the finest coffee

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