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Places 21 March 2017
What To Do In Amsterdam This Spring?

Had enough of the blistering winter, too? We’ve got some brilliant news for you. According to meteorologists spring starts… TODAY!

Places 15 March 2017
Why not Munich? Our favorite hotspots in this vibrant city

Ahh Munich, the capital of Bavaria, very well known as a hotspot for Oktoberfest, a city filled with museums and

Places 4 March 2017
Snackchat: best burgers in Amsterdam

Is there something in the world that equals the utter deliciousness of a flame grilled patty with ground beef, melted

Places 28 February 2017
Incredible Airbnb locations in Europe

When it comes to holiday accommodation: I could go on forever. Since the invention of Airbnb (isn’t it the best?),

Places 13 February 2017
Interior inspo: Blush Pink walls

As you would probably know, pink – of all shades – is a Chapter Friday favorite and we couldn’t be happier

Places 10 February 2017
Snackchat: Where to get the best fries in Amsterdam

The unwritten law? Fries should always become before guys. Oh, and yes: we’re talking actual fries here. You know big lumpy salty

Places 29 January 2017
At home with: a freelancer who owns a DREAM house

We’re talking serious #housegoals here. Let’s introduce Annemarie van der Ven (1986), a freelance go-getter who didn’t exaggerate when she told

Places 20 January 2017
Snackchat: Where to get the best hot dogs in Amsterdam

What is it about hot dogs? They make a great snack (or two) and it looks like the hot dog

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