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Personal stories 5 August 2014
Yara’s personal note: 6 lessons I’ve learned through dealing with RSI

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. Or Mojito’s. I guess it’s something that I’ve tried to keep in

Personal stories 7 July 2014
Not better yet, but still smiling! A new update from Yara

As promised, I would keep you guys in the loop of how I’m doing and how the RSI is going.

Personal stories 6 July 2014
Have you seen the mobile version of CHAPTER FRIDAY yet?

Some of you might have seen this already in the past weeks and we are still fine tuning (like a

Personal stories 5 July 2014
I’m selling my burgundy PS11 bag [SOLD]

When I first spotted it on one of my personal style superheroes (Mary-Kate Olsen, in case you’re curious) I was

Personal stories 17 June 2014
An update on how Yara’s doing and what to expect on CHAPTER Friday this month

RSI, well, it isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Although recovery is going to take longer than expected I

Personal stories 7 June 2014
Happy 25th birthday to Yara!

Good morning everyone! Today marks my 25th birthday – and although it slightly creeps me out that I am turning a

Personal stories 6 June 2014
Yara on finding the right white nail polish

After pretty pastels and intensely bright neons, there’s a new it-color on the nail scene – and it’s not really

Personal stories 31 May 2014
A personal update from Yara: how I’m doing now

Hi everyone! Today is the second time I am recording a personal note for you for intern Rachel to type

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