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Advertorial 15 October 2016
DIY our Ultimate Bloody Mary

Cocktails & close friends: I’d call it a recipe for success. Last week, I organized a boozy brainstorm at my

Advertorial 13 October 2016
We’re talking beauty from the inside and out

Let’s talk beauty! Is beauty about confidence, about feeling comfortable in your own skin, about loving yourself, about showing the

Advertorial 8 September 2016
How to give your job a boost this month

Holiday – all good things must come to an end. Goodbye, my beloved summer. Back to life work, back to

Advertorial 19 July 2016
Girls just wanna have sun! A beachy lookbook with Converse

Girls just wanna have… sun! I can’t even tell you how much more me I am now that it’s sunny.

Advertorial 29 June 2016
My tips for feeling organized when your head is spinning

When life gets crazy busy (like uhm… NOW), I try to hit the pause button and rewind for a bit.

Advertorial 22 June 2016
How do I stay positive? And am I always smiling?

Some people spend their lives actually waiting for happiness. But you know what? Happiness isn’t just something that always just

Advertorial 16 June 2016
5 tips to take good photos with your phone + a contest with Bali trip!

Taking a great photo used to require a fancy camera, editing superskills a ton of time and energy to learn

Advertorial 26 May 2016
Magical quotes from Alice in Wonderland (+ win movie tickets!)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of years (or fell down a rabbit hole – to

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