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Interview 13 November 2017
Career Girl Monday #5: Sophie Kahn

It’s time to skyrocket your Monday with some proper Monday Motivation! Our fifth girl boss in our Career Girl Monday series

Interview 16 October 2017
Career Girl Monday #4: Eve Tomaszewski

We believe Mondays can be the day where real good things happen. That’s why we feature incredible business babes who embrace the entrepreneurial spirit

Interview 24 February 2017
Career Stories: running a concept store with your sister

What about running a concept store? This wasn’t exactly the idea sisters Romy (1986 – in the turquoise sweater) and Débra

Interview 7 January 2017
Mini expo: Cleo Goossens

It’s time for talent! Meet Cleo Goossens (1991) a photographer from Eindhoven. She’s been working fulltime as a photographer for the

Interview 7 November 2016
Mini expo: Leigh Viner

How about making a living off selling your art on Etsy. Sounds pretty good, huh? That’s exactly what Leigh Viner has

Interview 18 December 2015
Mini Expo: photographer and filmmaker Dennis Swiatkowski

Dennis Swiatkowski captures the beauty of the female body like not many other photographers or video directors can. He has

Interview 30 October 2015
What does a PR agent expect from a blogger? Yolijn at Spice PR explains

‘You nailed it!’ and ‘Amen!’ were only a few reactions on this Blog Class article by Yara that we published

Interview 25 July 2015
Mini Expo: Illustrator Maartje Bodt

We got to know her as a long time stylist, but for creative Maartje Bodt doodling at home turned out

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