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Let’s talk… 22 April 2017
Dreamy Coachella shots that make you want to go right now

Oh, Coachella. There’s something about the music festival that makes the whole world pays attention to. Why? It’s not just

Let’s talk… 21 April 2017
What The Chapter Friday Team Wears

There’s no denying Amsterdam is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. The city awakens from its wintry spell and cherry

Let’s talk… 20 April 2017
One woman’s inspiring story: Manon and the battle against cancer

Manon van Buren (33) could kick herself for being so careless. Cancer wasn’t something she would worry about, as a

Let’s talk… 17 April 2017
A guide to awesome work spots in Amsterdam

Looking for the perfect spot in Amsterdam to settle down and crack on with your to-do list? As freelancers ourselves,

Let’s talk… 15 April 2017
These 14 rooms all got one thing right

And that’s TILES! A tile as old as time is making a major comeback in every room of the house at

Let’s talk… 13 April 2017
Mini Expo: Meet the inspiring Gus & Stella

Today, we’re happy to introduce some fresh talent to you. Meet Gus & Stella, a Belgian photo, film and collage

Let’s talk… 11 April 2017
5 feminist platforms to follow right now

Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.

Let’s talk… 10 April 2017
Letter from the Editor: April

On Chapter Friday, one of our goals is to create articles and videos that add a spark to your day.

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