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Passion 29 June 2017
How I wrote a killer cover letter and landed that internship

At Chapter Friday, we hardly hire interns. Of course, it crossed our minds several times – we work with a

Passion 26 June 2017
Boost Your Creativity With This 7-Day Challenge

Ready, set, innovate! Welcome to this 7-day challenge that will sharpen your focus, break any creative blocks that get in your

Passion 25 June 2017
5 to-do’s To Kick Start Your Week

Does the weekend still have your head spinning? Ugh. Mondays mornings. You hate them or you love them but nevertheless:

Passion 15 June 2017
How to Earn More Money Freelancing

It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits. That said, we all like to make more

Passion 12 June 2017
Career Stories: Margo (31) shows us how to mix fashion and charity

A dress can be the beginning of a new life. That’s Margo den Ouden’s (31) credo, the founder and managing

Passion 9 June 2017
These are the words you REALLY need to use on your resume

Applying for that dream job is all about making good impressions. Just before nailing the interview itself you need to

Passion 22 May 2017
7x casual cool Instagirls who post wearable outfits

As with most things in life – food for example – style is best when shared. This is where Instagram’s

Passion 21 May 2017
Magazine of the month: WOTH

It’s been quite some time since we’ve nominated a magazine of the month (the beautiful Shot of Joy magazine was February).

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