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Geen categorie 20 February 2017
Let’s go offline – 30 day challenge

Remember the time you told your friends on MSN you were going offline because the internet was ridiculously expensive (or you

Geen categorie 31 August 2016
To business plan or not to business plan? These tips might come handy

How do you convert a GREAT idea into reality? As the best plans in life are born out of love, it

Geen categorie 29 May 2016
Inspiration: the most beautiful flower fields around the globe

During springtime flower fields bloom into the most spectaculair landscapes. And since science proved that colors really have an impact

Geen categorie 20 February 2016
For When The Magic Happens: Chapter Friday’s Steamy Playlist

Yes, you may thank us later ;]

Geen categorie 1 February 2016
Shopping: Insta Props For The Home

Want to step up your Instagram game? You, my friend, came to the right place! Here at Chapter Friday HQ

Geen categorie 3 July 2015
7 great ways to help you unplug for the holidays

Your tropical holiday is booked, you’re ready to rock your new bikini and catch some vitamin D. Only problem: how

Geen categorie 15 March 2015
Magazine of the Month: Frankie

Spring is in the air and it’s time to celebrate! Preferably by freeing up some time on a Sunday, with

Geen categorie 10 February 2015
How to make the most of small closet space, Marijn’s story

Big house, small closet; it’s an interior situation CHAPTER FRIDAY’s Marijn can relate to. Today, she tells us all about

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