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The Desk Of 10 August 2015
The Desk Of: jewellery desingers Andrea and Laura from À la

They are two wanderers who travel the world together in search for special treasures. We’re not talking about heavy crested

The Desk Of 11 May 2015
The desk of: Illustrator Milou Neelen

Illustrator and graphic designer Milou Neelen took a leap of faith a few years ago, which resulted in a thriving

The Desk Of 30 April 2015
The desk of… Marie-Stella-Maris creative Edith Beurskens

If she could, Edith Beurskens would love to live in her office. The creative at Marie-Stella-Maris lights up from the

The Desk Of 15 April 2015
The desk of… interior blogger Desirée from Vosgesparis

Desirée has gradually grown into one of the most noted interior bloggers out there. Makes sense: this lady started blogging

The Desk Of 23 December 2014
The desk of… jewelry designer Lenneke

You might remember the immaculate work setup of illustrator Hyshil. So when she suggested CHAPTER FRIDAY to check out where jewellery designer Lenneke

The Desk Of 17 September 2014
The desk of… ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar editor Stefanie

Stefanie Bottelier (44) must be one of the most upbeat and chirpy persons we have ever interviewed. In this edition

The Desk Of 22 June 2014
The desk of… Illustrator Hyshil Sander

In ‘The desk of…’ CHAPTER FRIDAY sees what’s really going on at the desk of young creatives. Who is incredibly uptight and

The Desk Of 22 May 2014
The desk of… Interior blogger Elisah Jacobs

In ‘The desk of…’ CHAPTER FRIDAY visits young creatives at home, you’ll find the first edition with graphic designer Toula here.

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