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Career Stories 10 July 2017
Career Stories: Sabine (23) started a fashion label on Bali

How about starting your own fashion label on… beautiful Bali? It combines the greatest wishes of nearly every girl boss:

Career Stories 12 June 2017
Career Stories: Margo (31) shows us how to mix fashion and charity

A dress can be the beginning of a new life. That’s Margo den Ouden’s (31) credo, the founder and managing

Career Stories 15 May 2017
Career Stories: Shini Park of Park & Cube

By only looking at Shini Park’s Instagram for a minute, you can tell she’s hopping from place to place in

Career Stories 24 February 2017
Career Stories: running a concept store with your sister

What about running a concept store? This wasn’t exactly the idea sisters Romy (1986 – in the turquoise sweater) and Débra

Career Stories 18 February 2017
Career Stories: illustrator Marie Bodié

There’s a big chance you recognise the work of Marié Bodie – the Parisienne alter ego of creative Maartje Bodt

Career Stories 24 January 2017
Career Stories: Esther Stam of Studio Modijefsky

Have you noticed that so many new bars and restaurants today just look drop dead gorgeous? If it’s in Amsterdam, there’s

Career Stories 26 November 2016
Interview: Manon, The Life Traveller

Manon Hanssen-Meyering (40) decided to turn the ship around two years ago. She used to be a beauty & health director,

Career Stories 16 November 2016
Career Stories: tattoo artist Galya Gisca

Subtle tattoos ranging from geometric shapes to delicate patterns have been very popular the last couple of years. We know it

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