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Career 24 January 2017
Career Stories: Esther Stam of Studio Modijefsky

Have you noticed that so many new bars and restaurants today just look drop dead gorgeous? If it’s in Amsterdam, there’s

Career 13 January 2017
How to find out if you’re still happy with your work situation

Do you wear your workaholism like a badge of honour? Being and staying ambitions requires hard work and it’s important

Career 7 January 2017
Mini expo: Cleo Goossens

It’s time for talent! Meet Cleo Goossens (1991) a photographer from Eindhoven. She’s been working fulltime as a photographer for the

Career 30 December 2016
Friday Question: What are your 2017 personal + professional goals?

The best about January? It’s a fresh start! There is something about the first month of a new year that makes

pay rise
Career 9 December 2016
Pop the question: How to ask your boss for a raise

You know you deserve it, but it’s ever so difficult to ask for: we’re talking money. MONEYSSS! You know, the actual

Career 5 December 2016
3x lessons in lasting happiness

Looking for something that can brighten your day? Look no further. It’s right here: we tend to forget that the power

Career 30 November 2016
Let’s talk satisficers and maximizers

Ever heard of the paradox of choice? It’s a worldwide best seller of Barry Schwartz, who did a very interesting TEDtalk on this

The Life traveller
Career 26 November 2016
Interview: Manon, The Life Traveller

Manon Hanssen-Meyering (40) decided to turn the ship around two years ago. She used to be a beauty & health director,

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