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One random evening early 2009, Yara Michels started a personal style blog as a fun and fresh outlet for creative fashion and style ideas. The blog grew to become one of the top European blogs.

By the age of 27, Yara finds herself packed with blogging experience, an award-nominated book, a features editor position at ELLE, big master classes to her name and weekly worldwide travels. And most importantly, she had found a way to turn her big passion project – her blog – into big business, working with partners like Chanel, Philips, L’Oréal, and H&M.

Half a decade later, getting to live her dreams because of the support of millions of readers worldwide, Yara decided it is time for a new chapter. To focus on inspiring and supporting the big goals and dreams of other ambitious chicks out there – who might not have the insider tips & tricks and network Yara does. And that’s exactly where CHAPTER FRIDAY comes in.

Yara defines this new career platform as an online toolbox for go-getter girls. CHAPTER FRIDAY is a girls’ guide to an awesome and successful life. It’s your online toolkit to navigate the creative career industry, using my insider tips, years of business experience and elaborate (fashion) network.

“CHAPTER FRIDAY is where I share all the lessons I’ve learned along the way. You’ll find behind-the-scenes insights and I’ll share tricks of the fashion, beauty and lifestyle trade that you won’t easily come by online. For all girls who want to run the world (insert Beyoncé tune)! Or their own business… to begin with.”

All this cool content isn’t created on it’s own – instead it’s carefully written, produced and curated by Yara and her team. Let’s e-meet the other super girls behind this site.
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Emma Peijnenburg

In-House Photographer

Emma is always on the go. Meeting new people, making free work and always looking for challenging collaborations. Her work is personal, fresh, happy and with a wink. She has a big love for daylight, gets inspired by her environment and lets a certain fun setting influence her train of thoughts.
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Alice Boothby

Creative assistant

An all-round writer and journalist with a passion for stories that really seem to make a difference. She’s a total sucker for beautiful words and sentences (and collects them carefully in a notebook), books, beers, bands and avocado’s.
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Kelly Nederlof

Project manager

An allrounded creative with love for pastel colored still life photography. Oh, and sarcastic jokes. Getting to hold the Bloglovin’ Newcomer of the Year award was the cherry on top of the cheesecake after transitioning TCGS to CF – you incrowd ladies know what we’re talking about!
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