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Mini Gent Guide

Forget about Brussels, forget about Antwerp – at least for the moment: Gent is the place to be when in Belgium. According to UNESCO, according to a great deal of ‘Most Beautiful Cities in The World’ lists, according to Team Chapter Friday… As far as we concern: most beautiful city of Belgium, truly outstanding and wonderful to walk around. And when you do; when you find yourself in Gent, please do not forget to visit these hotspots!

We stayed in Atelier Turquoise, an over the top cool guesthouse completely in colourful theme and soothing furniture style. To start the day off right, we woke up early and left our warm and cozy beds for the first stop of the day:



After strolling through the streets of Gent and some shopping in between, we went for a light lunch (life consist of sleeping, eating, walking and drinking while on a city trip, right?) and soon after, night fell and as soon as the city lights went on Gent became even more magical. Time for some last minute food stop suggestions!


Dinner & drinks

Thinking of staying in Gent? Here are some top places to spend the night! Enjoy!



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