At Home WithPeople 15 December 2017
At home with: Rosanna (blogger Billie Rose) & Milan Gino

A warm welcome into blogger Rosanna and Milan’s Amsterdam home! With a little bundle of joy on the way, the couple created a love nest that’s a boho-lovers dream: there’s good vibes all over. Especially when the sunlight pours in every morning and warms the whole living room.

Right at one of Amsterdams most iconic canals – we get that they were immediately taken! – the neatly decorated two floor apartment is modestly sized, so every room get’s tons of love everyday. Each room is a combination of various design styles, textures and furniture that highlights the best parts of each one. The mixed patterns make it an instant modern day apartment.

Whether you’re decorating your first home, or your third or fourth, you want it to be your personally styled safe haven. Here are some insider tips from Rosanna and Milan:

Live small, think big
Keeping an open, uncluttered feel is important when you live together in a small space, let alone with all kinds of baby stuff lying around… Don’t feel as though you are relegated to tiny pieces and sparse furnishings. Also accessories add to a homey feeling. What you can work with is smart storage: for instance under-bed boxes.

Add touches of the outdoors
Wood and plants suggest a sense of harmony. If you want to create a comfortable, lush space, you can opt for warm autumnal hues and rich wood. If you want brighten up the place, then fresh flowers and plants are the way to go.

Mix cool Scandinavian with a warm Bohemian style
The Swedish subtle colors and clean lines are a great combination with Moroccan in-depth colors, accents and fabrics. The two mixed together make a stylish but cohesive look for your home.

We hope to have inspired you for some memorable get-togethers at home this season!

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