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Indoor plant guide: these 4 stunners won’t die on you

So You Think You Can Indoor Plant? Not really, no? But you do want some indoor greens? No worries: these magic four are so easy to maintain, that they’ll even survive under your reign. Pinky swear.

1. The indoor palm 
So there are a lot (!) of indoor palm plants to choose from. And since most of us are newbies, when it comes to having green fingers, let’s keep things nice and eaaaasy by just pointing out the most popular one. Enter the Parlor Palm (or: Chamaedorea Elegans, if you insist). You’re next best friend, because of a) he (or she?) is very affordable, b) has a very easy going adaptive attitude, and c) cleans the air – Parlor even made it to NASA’s list of fifty indoor plants that clean the air.

Good to know:
> Parlor needs just a small amount of watering once the soil starts to dry.
> Grows best on average warmth (somewhere between 18°C (65°F) and 10°C (50°F) will do).
> Parlor (sorry, loving the name here) is a patient grower but can reach four feet.

2. The Philodendron
The one we’re showing off here goes by the name Split-Leaf Philodendron, or: Monstera deliciosa (ahww!). If you opt for an eye-catcher, look no further, this philodendron does it for you.

Good to know:
> Philo is a big drinker: water it with lukewarm water as soon as the soil is showing signs of dryness.
> Be aware of the fact that Philo here is a fast-growing climbing plant and can reach a height up to fifteen feet (for your information: in the jungles of Central America, his home base, Philo can get as high as seventy feet – that’s 21 (!) meters).
> Place your Philo in a medium to a bright location but keep him out of direct sun.

3) Cacti
It’ll be just wrong not to mention the favorite member of the Cactaceae family. Because they’re so much fun and the choices with Cacti are pretty much endless. With or without flowers, with or (almost) without spines, little ones, big ones, green ones, colorful ones… Let’s get your Cacti on!

Good to know:
> Even though they’re easy peasy to maintain, they do need a little tender loving care. Don’t neglect your Cacti. Give your plant, to begin with, the sunniest window you have – but please do give him a little break during the hottest days of summer.
> So here’s a little watering tip: feel the soil at least one inch down to find out if Cacti is thirsty or not. If the soil is dry it is time to water the plant. Easy as that.
> A minimum temperature of 35 to 40°F will do. However: the more tropical ones thrive better in temperatures between 50 and 60°F.

4) Ficus
Even though a Ficus, or weeping fig so to speak, it not thát difficult to maintain, he is a bit more finical than the previous three. But! If you learn the (not too hard) tricks of the trade, you and your Ficus will live happily ever after. Hurray!

Good to know:
> Your Ficus tree needs medium to high light. But he’ll survive in a north-facing window, too.
> Do not let the soil dry out, but keep it nicely moist. If you’re watering Ficus, make sure you pour enough water through the plant so that it comes out the bottom. Do remove the excess water after some minutes.
> Because Ficus tends to become pretty large he needs some pruning once in a while – also encourages him to grow fuller afterward. How to prune? Cut the branches just above a leaf node.


This article is a fresh take on an article that was published earlier on Chapter Friday. And it’s more relevant than ever. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did when we rediscovered it!

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