Daily spark 10 November 2017
Friday Question: What Would You Do If You Didn’t Need Sleep?

TGIF! At Chapter Friday, we absolutely love conversations. They provide a wonderful glimpse into each other’s everyday life. It can be difficult to initiate them though, so that’s why we are making an effort! Why? Because we’d love to get to know you better.

That brings us back to the following question: what would YOU do if you didn’t need sleep? Join the conversation and let us know in the comment section below!

Yara: “No sleep? What a nightmare! I would rather have more sleep than less! Honestly, rest is very important. A rested brain is more creative and productive. Alright, in my extra non-sleep time, I would work on improving myself, working out and doing things that make me feel more relaxed. And I’ll go out and eat with friends. Every day.”

Emma: “I would definitely use some of that extra time to learn new challenging languages. What about Danish? Hm.. maybe first Spanish.”

Alice: “I’m that type of person who’s mood really gets affected by daylight. I get remarkably moody during winter when I leave home for work when it’s dark and get back home when it’s dark. So, with no sleep needed, I’ll turn myself into a working vampire. I’ll do night shifts of work and chill out completely during daytime, soaking up the sun with friends.”

Kelly: “Mmmm… My initial thought is: I’d die! Sleeping is what keeps me sane. If you can’t sleep, does that mean you can’t dream either…? Will the supermarket be open 24/7? So many questions! If I didn’t need any (beauty)sleep I would use the night time to make huge real-life Pinterest board and come up with all kinds of brainstorm session for my own still life photography work.”


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