Daily spark 9 October 2017
Stephany shares her 3 go-to work looks

Finding work looks that are professional enough to wear to important meetings but also cool enough to totally rock after work drinks isn’t easy. We know. Stephany Goncalves (25) works at H&M and definitely knows the works when it comes to non-boring office fashion. Does working at H&M makes you wear the H and the M every day? Well, yes. And no. Because this lady likes to stir things up by mixing her fav H&M items with higher fashion brands. She’s sharing her three favorite go-to work looks with you today.

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Style icons?
Stephany: ‘Aleali May, Gilda Ambrosio & Karla Deras.’

What do you need from a perfect work outfit?
Stephany: ‘For my job within the local H&M marketing team I have a lot of meetings with external partners as well as with colleagues at the office. What I really need for my work outfits are for them to be smart, elegant but always with a statement. My confidence comes from knowing a lot about my profession, but also the way I dress gives me a boost. As H&M stands for fashion I always want to carry this out with my outfits – it’s like a lifestyle for me.’

Do you have a go-to outfit for an important day at work?
Stephany: ‘If you would ask any of my colleagues or friends what I usually wear to work they would have the answer immediately. My perfect work outfit consists of 3 key items within my wardrobe. On a daily basis I wear flared black pants: varying from tracksuit style to extreme flare (one thing that is consistent is that they’re almost always black). I pair this with an oversized, long-line blazer with shoulder pads. And what’s never missing, even though I travel daily between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, are my heels. Especially sock boots are key for me during this A/W season.’

Wardrobe goals?
Stephany: ‘For over 2 years my main goal for my wardrobe has been to make it more versatile and sustainable. I don’t want to buy every IT-item during the new fashion seasons. For this reason, all items I own I can wear to work, to go out for drinks, dinner, everywhere. My aim is to be consistent within my style, but try out new combinations. The creative director of Vetements and Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia, is someone whom really inspires me with his creations and styling during the shows. Combining feminine pieces, with more oversized statement items. I live for this!’

How do you choose your work outfit?
Stephany: ‘Every morning after taking a shower, doing my make-up and fixing my hair I check my agenda to see what I’ve scheduled for the day. My planning can vary from meetings with external partners, visiting our stores to review marketing material, team meetings or setting up a H&M Club event on location. Based on this I decide what type of look I should go for. Since I do travel a lot between cities I try to keep my outerwear as simple and functional as can be. Daily I wear a long (almost floor sweeping) coat paired with a cross-body bag with my daily essentials.’

Any tips & tricks for women who are out of office outfit ideas?
Stephany: ‘I live by the motto: the next cool thing will be being yourself. If that means you want to wear a statement outfit to your job, do so. You want to show up full glam or laidback in a hoodie? Be yourself. Also, try new ways of styling your clothes, dare to be unconventional even if other people are dressed more formal or casual.’

Look 1: Blazer (H&M Conscious Exclusive – men’s), Maison Martin Margiela x H&M belt, MISBHV jeans, Uterqüe heals.

Look 2: Vetements hoodie, Uterqüe trousers, Stella McCartney shoes.

Look 3: H&M Studio A/W17 top, H&M Studio A/W17 cropped pants, H&M boots.

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