Daily sparkPassion 5 October 2017
18 gorgeous office accessories every girlboss should own

Move. That. Bus! Remember our big fat brand new office tour post a few months ago? Guess what. Chapter Friday HQ moved. Again! We knew this sparkly kingdom wouldn’t be ours for more than a year and we found a new hub just down the road. It’s light, it’s bright, it’s big enough to fit all our needs, it has towering high ceilings and… it’s full of boxes we still need to unpack. We’ll give you a glimpse soon, we’re so excited to show you around this place!

Despite the work that still needs to be done, we’re incredibly happy with this new place and we’re so excited to buy new office accessories that tie the room together (as you probably know we’re mildly obsessed with styling).

Scroll down to see our favorite picks (yes, you got us: we’re very much into white these days) that will also brighten your home office and boost your productivity. Because whatever the function and whatever the size, it’s worth creating an office set-up that’s not just practical but also makes you feel good.

1. Marshall music box Bol.com 2. Golden laptop stand Amazon 3. Wall deco Gerson 4. Desk chair 5. Desk table IKEA 6. Desk light Zuiver

1. Sidetable brass Sissy boy 2. Shelving unit Ikea 3. Bookstand brass Sissy Boy  4. White file cabinet Devaise  5. Under shelf storage Yamazaki 6. Basket Bloomingville

1. Portable mini fridge Amazon 2. Rug Bloomingville 3. Vase Design House Stockholm 4. Pink mug YunNasi 5. Pink velvet hocker Wehkamp  6. Nespresso machine

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