Lattes and laptopsPlaces 26 October 2017
Lattes & Laptops: Rum Baba

Satisfy your cravings in one of the most Instagrammable coffee places in Amsterdam-oost. Enter the world of one of our all-time favorites: Rum Baba.

> Like the blue floor? The owner has this thing with bright colored floors. You’ll like this other place too. It has yellow (!!) floors. 

Rum Baba is not your everyday coffee hotspot in Amsterdam. It’s something special. The place itself is a total mood booster. Even a shitty day will turn good. This multi-colored spot serves seriously good fresh roasted coffee (roasted with great care in their own small roastery), unabashedly indulgent cakes, bakes, and pies – straight out of the oven. You can wake up for a piece of Rum Baba’s red velvet cake or for some terribly comforting lemon drizzle cake.

Rum Baba Cafe strives to be a happy eclectic home away from home and it truly is. Make sure to check out their bakery and roastery too and see how they roast your coffee and how the bakers bake the pies you want so badly.

We’re so over the moon that we almost forgot the work specs. This place is 5/5. Massive windows for maximum sunlight, big table with good chairs for all your freelancers out there, friendly staff, good wifi and great sandwiches too.

Rum Baba café, Pretoriusstraat 33

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