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Friday Question: What can you not live without in your workday?

TGIF! At Chapter Friday, we absolutely love conversations. They provide a wonderful glimpse into each other’s everyday life. It can be difficult to initiate them though, so that’s why we are making an effort! Why? Because we’d love to get to know you better.

That brings us back to the questions: What tool, object or ritual could you not live without in your workday? Join the conversation and tell us all about your tool, object or ritual in de comment section below!

Yara: I can’t possibly live without my favorite app – Buddhify.  I use it to think of my thoughts and emotions as little puffy clouds in the sky and learn to let them float away. For me, it’s the perfect ritual to finish my day. After that, I do a little gratitude exercise and think of three things that I feel deeply grateful for. The benefits are real – according to several studies, a five-minute a day gratitude practice can increase your long-term well being by more than 10 percent!

Emma: Without a doubt – Pinterest!  It’s my creative organizer, my visualizer, my inspiration. There are so many ideas popping up in my head all day – every day and I love to keep them alive with Pinterest. I’ll create a new board and search for photos that match with my ideas. When I’m out of inspiration sometimes, the only thing I gotta do is open up my Pinterest et voila!

Alice: I wish I could say something like ‘my work out gear because I go to the gym every morning’. I’m afraid it’s my iPhone, to be honest. It’s my tool, it’s my object and it’s my ritual. As a freelance journalist and text writer, I need to be accessible at all times. I do a lot of interviews by phone and write most of my articles in my notes app (you should see my directory – I’m happy there’s a search option). Also, I take quick snapshots on the go and, if everything gets a little out of hand, I use the app Headspace for some peace and quiet. It helps me stress less and focus more.

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