Lattes and laptopsPlaces 19 September 2017
Lattes & Laptops: Koala Republic

Did someone say koala? It makes us think of lush greens, long cuddles and above all: an international vibe. It’s all possible here at Koala Republic. On a Tuesday morning it’s nice and quiet: no stroller overkill, no arrogance and no overly trendy hustle and bustle.

> You’ll find this awesome place down the same street

Koala Republic serves a healthy menu with lots of options: we nibbled on the chia pudding and ordered an excellent latte. There’s plenty of space to work a bit, and depending on how your mood is you can either sit at a regular tabel, go for an orange pouffe and let your feet dangle (the guy on the left!) or… Not afraid of heights? There’s a sky high table for two, overlooking the whole restaurant. Let’s go hang out here soon!

Jan Evertsenstraat 115

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