Daily sparkPassion 5 September 2017
Yay or Nay: 4 fall / winter trends we love right now

This is it my friends. The summer is almost over.

I’m still in complete denial. If there’s one thing I don’t deal well with, it’s the end of summer. Goodbye warm balmy nights, water balloon fights, fun festivals, vodka watermelons and sale season. On the other hand, there’s good news too. A new fashion is here (to stay)!

Florals, the color red, leather, faux fur, glitter boots and chic joggers. Enter the top formulas that would definitely work this season. Speaking of wardrobes; now that we’ve fully arrived in a new season, I can’t remember anything I wore last fall. Do you have the same fall syndrome? That by the end of the season you feel like your wardrobe is complete – but by the time it’s fall again I feel like I don’t have about two outfit options? Well, let me help you out with updating your wardrobe on time with this season. This is everything you’ll be wearing the next couple of months.

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Also: you’ll find my big fall trends 2017 guide video below! :)

Darker shade of floral
Flowers aren’t exclusive for summer and spring: you can wear them all year round! We’ve seen some very cool darker shades of flowers hitting the catwalk lately. Browns, blacks, darker shades of red with a vintage twist. Less color, more impact. Something good to brighten up that gray fall day.

All leather baby
I believe leather never goes out of style. What I do like is that leather goods get an update this season. It looks like designers got their inspiration from The Matrix films this season: super long leather coats, dresses, and skirts. It’s different, it’s definitely not easy (needs quite some styling), but why not give it a try?

Faux Fur
The teddy’s back! But, in contrast with last year, a little less hysterical. No technicolored rainbow coats (although I do have to admit I recently bought a pink faux fur coat), but classic brown tones and classic fits. Simple, classy and it will definitely keep you warm this season.

Chic sportswear
The fashion world has been totally intrigued by sportswear the last couple of seasons. Casual tracksuits or leisure suits are still a thing this season but updated. To elevate this look, wear them with heels  (just like Rihanna does).

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