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A cabin in the woods? 6 go to places for a creative retreat

Struggling with a writer’s block? Is your creative mind playing tricks on you? Back in the days, famous writers like Roald Dahl and Keats booked lodges, cabins, and shacks in rural areas to find a little peace and quiet to get those creative juices flowing. All by themselves.

Nowadays, renting writing homes is still popular, although the writing bit is not necessary. Whether you’re editing your new documentary, you want to start that novel or want to revise a short project you’re meaning to send out: leaving home and making the most of your time at a cute little house in the middle of nowhere might as well be a bloody good idea. The focus you have in a quiet place will let you work on thorny issues you’ve been working on for weeks.

We did a little round up on some very cool inspiration retreats in The Netherlands that seem to breathe inspiration. Now go get some writing done!

‘T Witte Huis
This place used to be the pool house of the landlord and has recently been renovated as a true forest retreat. This 19th-century gem offers everything you need for the full retreat experience. A kitchen, spacious living, wood burner and two bikes for you to use (free of charge) when you want to take a break from all that typing.
Prices start at €250,- for a weekend.

Strandhuisjes Catzand
This amazing design beach holiday hub might be a little big (it fits 6) you on your own, so why not ask your friends to join you on a creative getaway for the weekend? Enjoy lovely beach views and take a walk through the dunes for instant inspiration.
Prices start at €350,- for a weekend.

Natuurhuisje Ermelo
This place is definitely high on our wish lists. Imagine yourself living in this quiet little nook for a week or so. Spot wild life while working on all the project you needed to get finished. All you need to bring is your laptop, some clothes, and food and you’ll be just fine.
Prices start at €450,- for a week.

Strandhuisje Zeeland
Swim. Drink. Write. Repeat. That could be the mantra of this cute little beach house in Zeeland. Enjoy the sounds of waves while you sleep in peace at serendipity beach retreat.
Prices start at €350,- for a weekend.

Natuurhuisje Bergen aan Zee 
Looking for a truly romantic hideaway? This cozy wooden chalet near Bergen aan Zee has everything. Located in the woods, near the beach. It’s just a 10 minutes drive to either the beach or the lovely city of Bergen. Perfect for some grocery shopping. Working makes hungry!
Prices start at €666,- for a week.

Droompark de Zandig
The tiny house movement has been quite a thing, for the last couple of years. Good news: you can have your own little tiny house for a couple of days. Sit back, relax, enjoy the birds sing and enjoy 20 square meters of sheer joy (and yes, there’s a hot tub outside for you to share with other guests).
Prices start at €170,- for a night.

Featured image by: Wit & Delight

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    It is amazing piece of art can you please help me to make my home perfect?

    All of these places look incredible, definitely need to get booking. It is great to have time away to feel inspired and I ‘m sure all these places would be exactly what anyone reading this was looking for. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

    Strandhuisje Zeeland is adorable! It looks so cosy and homey!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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