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7 x Inspiring, women-empowering podcasts

There’s something refreshing about listening to people, all over the world, share stories intimately, right in your ear. It’s not a lecture you’re forced to sit through or a documentary you watch, but these stories are told through a different medium called podcasts. With podcasts, you’re learning something new after each and every episode and with only minimal effort. Our Janine is a big podcast fan and therefore, she’s sharing her podcast favorites with you today.

I always find myself listening to them during my hour-long commute to work, while I edit photos, during a workout, or really whenever I see a new episode pop up on my subscriptions. Let’s just say, they’re the good kind of addicting.

What I think has made podcasts so popular recently is not only their portability but also the fact that when we go about our everyday life, we feel like we need something to play in the background of our minds. With podcasts, similar to music, they only require using one of our senses so we are free to do whatever else we want using our eyes and hands.

Where Do You Listen to Podcasts?
You know that podcast app on your iPhone that you’ve been ignoring forever? All the podcasts you could ever wish for are there! And the great thing about it is you can download them onto your phone and listen to them wherever you are. For Android users, you can listen to podcasts on Player FM, Google Play, or Stitcher where episodes are also downloadable. To listen to podcasts on the computer, check out Soundcloud or iTunes. On all these platforms, you can “subscribe” or “follow” to receive notifications on when new podcasts are uploaded. How convenient is that?

I took on the “dirty work” and chose the most inspiring, women-empowering podcasts with the most fascinating stories. I love them all, and I know you will too.

The clothes we wear can define so much of our life, from the heartbreaking moments to the times that we can’t stop laughing. Unstyled, hosted by Christene Barberich, reads behind today’s style into what it really means, and let me tell you, it will make you look at the fashion world from a different perspective.
Start with: “Rachel Comey on being self-made”

Leandra Medine
Leandra Medine is like our internet God-Mother. Her quick podcasts featuring herself and her thoughts will make you think differently about the way you treat yourself and how you treat the life around you. Because these podcasts are so short, I usually go back and listen to them multiple times, especially when I need to listen to advice during any specific rut I’m in. Spare yourself 10-15 minutes, and really pay attention to her eloquence.
Start with: “Self-Sabotage” and “Fashion Week is Funny”

Breaking Beauty
Carlene Higgins & Jill Dunn
Dive into the world beyond the beauty products you use. You would be surprised to hear about the stories behind your favourite lifestyle brands. Did you know Fresh Beauty co-founder Lev Glazman used to collect berries in the wilderness near his home behind the Iron Curtain and used them as a facial treatment? We won’t reveal more.
Start with: “The 7 Virtues Founder Barb Stegemann”

2 Dope Queens
Most podcasts are edited, scripted, and filmed in a studio. This one is not like the others because it’s a live podcast with a live audience, hosted by 2 Dope Queens, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams. We never know what we’ll get with each episode but what we do know is that it will make you laugh, a lot.
Start with: “#9 Clench”

Oh Boy
Man Repeller
We love career stories (obviously) and that’s why we love the Oh Boy podcast. Listening to one-on-one conversations about the life of individual and empowering women anywhere from tech, journalism, politics and the arts gives us all kinds of positive and inspiring emotions. Plus, the chic musical introduction you’re greeted with is an added bonus.
Start with: “Cathy Lew – Writer”

Strong Opinions Loosely Held
We have so many questions that sometimes seem a little difficult to unpack, but Refinery29’s podcast knows how to do it. Why are career-empowered women still having kids? Are creators online actually making any money? Host Elisa Kreisinger addresses questions we’re too scared to even ask and gets critical about issues the world we live in is facing.
Start with: “Teenage Girls Are Magic”

Girlboss Radio
Sophia Amoruso
Similar to Oh Boy, Sophia Amoruso interviews girl-bosses like YouTuber Glozell, Glossier founder Emily Weiss, and Nascar racer Julia Landauer. All these women know their stuff, know how to hustle, and are great examples of leaders. You’ll definitely feel inspired after listening to their stories.
Start with: “Amel Monsur, Executive Creative Director at VICE Media”

If you’re a fellow podcast-consumer, we’d love to hear what some of your favorite podcasts are!

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