Personal 7 July 2017
My new mini star tattoo! Hello #4

Reach for the stars…

There’s something about birthdays, if you ask me. I always feel a bit nostalgic -and at the same time excited about the unknown things that are ahead of me. Each year, I take the day off and celebrate life. Usually just with myself, and I’ll incorporate little rituals. Getting a tattoo (or a piercing like I did last year), is something that defines the new year for me and that sets the tone.

So, I decided to send a text to a tattoo artist who’s usually fully booked (Joey de Boer) to see if I could drop by. To be honest, I was sort of expecting he’d be full but he had an opening and my heart started racing. I had an appointment! And no idea on what to get yet! Oops, didn’t really think that one through… haha! On my way there my dad (and also my Uber driver) actually advised me against it, but it’s just something I wanted to do.

I decided on a shooting star because I’ve always loved the star symbol and it suits me and the rest of my mini tattoos. And it had been in my head for a few months now. It’s placed right above my elbow – a spot I hardly ever get to see. That’s what I like about it: it’s a small surprise, hidden on my body and giving it extra meaning.

If you want to know more about my tattoos, you might enjoy my first tattoo video too!

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