Lattes and laptopsPlaces 14 June 2017
Lattes & Laptops: Blue Amsterdam

Whoa, what a view! We recently discovered Blue Amsterdam, a hidden gem right in the center of Amsterdam, overlooking the whole city featuring 360° panoramas. It turns out to be a great place for getting some work done. We did a little team brainstorm over, bouncing ideas off each other and having a good laugh at the same time. Oh, the magic of switching up your workspace. It really fires up that creative spark.

Blue’s located in a futuristic glass tower in… De Kalvertoren. We didn’t even know there was something up there! Take the glass elevator to the third floor and there you’ll be amazed by the views. We loved how people came out of the elevator and stood and just gazed for a few seconds, fully surprised Amsterdam looked so different (and pretty!). The whole city seems to peaceful and calm from above, although we all know it’s busy and hectic down there.

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Foods & drinks
When you decide to set up camp for at least half a day, the coffee better be good. Well, the coffee at Blue is GREAT. We had some of the best ice coffees of the city and enjoyed homemade lemonades. The WiFi is free (plus!) and Blue serves breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks (double plus). We enjoyed some scrambled eggs with locally smoked salmon and avocado-edamame beans spread and fries on the side. YUM!

Giant tree house
Because Blue is located in a glass tower, everything is light and bright. Owners and sisters Loes (30) & Lotte (33) recently transformed Blue into a cool, go-to place that feels like a giant tree house. In need of inspiration? Grab one of the binoculars and explore the city from above (and yes, this can be a great distraction too *eye roll*). A go-to place for a bird’s eye view of Amsterdam!

Singel 457, Amsterdam

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