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How to Earn More Money Freelancing

It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits. That said, we all like to make more money, don’t we? Of course, you do.

When you’re a freelancer, you and you alone run the show. You do the work, you’re in charge of your discipline, you make the prices. And there’s a big chance you’re not charging enough. Why? Because you’re modest. Because you think other girls could do the work better. Because you think you’re not experienced enough. Because you want to be nice. Let me tell you this: you’ve got skills and you need to get paid for them. Properly. Dare to charge what you’re worth (it will make you look a) more professional b) a better person c) you can treat yourself to more iced coffees).

At Chapter Friday, we know the works. Yara’s her own boss. Emma is a freelance photographer and Alice is a freelance writer. We’ve struggled, we’ve overcome. That’s why we’re sharing our top tips for earning more money as a freelancer.

Yara: “I like continuity and prefer working with a client for a longer period of time. For me, it’s about giving something extra to that client which actually gives you long-term benefits. A lot of people out there with a willingness to do everything is always ready to hitch your job. I surprise my clients with an extra report on our collaboration, some advice and sometimes an extra post. Small gestures can elicit great happiness. These companies will think of you, the next time they need a reliable and willing partner. And they will be willing to pay.”

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Emma: “As a photographer, I work with packages. Like a small, medium and large package. The interesting thing is: most people chose medium or large because nobody wants to miss out on something. Also, I like to provide my future clients a custom made presentation. It’s the perfect way to explain to them why I’m worth their money. Most of the time my clients are amazed I made a presentation just for them. Like Yara said, it’s about that little bit extra you do. It’s your first impression, and when you make a good one, there’s a big chance you get the job.”

Alice: “Know what you’re capable of, know what you’re worth (discuss with others!) and find creative ways to create your own jobs. When I work with a certain company I like, I try and find ways to create more work for myself. Maybe their site would feel more reliable with a cool set of interviews with employees. Most companies only see the bigger picture and they tend to forget their possibilities. You upgrade yourself to the worlds-best-freelancer status if you convince this company about your good ideas and they will hire you easily because they already know you’re good (and you know how much they pay – ask more).

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