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Boost Your Creativity With This 7-Day Challenge

Ready, set, innovate! Welcome to this 7-day challenge that will sharpen your focus, break any creative blocks that get in your way and get those creative juices flowing. It’s easy, it’s quick and effective.

And of course, your feedback and enthusiasm is our biggest drive, so let us know how this challenge worked for you and if there are any creativity related questions you would love to see answered, shoot!

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Many people claim they do their best thinking when walking. CEO’s like Mark Zuckerberg have been holding meetings on foot for ages. And yes, recent studies find that walking boosts creative inspiration. During and after a short walk, creative output and thinking increase with a whopping 60%. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors. So today, you’ll be on the move. Walk at least for twenty minutes and let your mind wander.

The eccentric mathematician Paul Erdos once famously said that the creative genius only reveals itself after you’ve shown up enough times to get the average ideas out of the way. So, if you really want to come up with a brilliant idea, you need a lot of useless ideas too. Whatever you do, keep producing. That said, produce something today. Whether it’s a masterpiece or ‘just’ garbage. Garbage is good, too (read more about Paul Erdos and the interesting equal-odds rule here).

Set a timer for 10 minutes and splurge words you could use for a new project. Write each idea on a new sticky note. After 10 minutes, categorize your sticky notes on the wall. This popular technique works even better in group brainstorm sessions, but you’re good to go on your own as well. Leave the sticky notes on the wall this week and take a quick look at it every day.

Don’t wait for inspiration. Aim to be a sponge instead. Consciously absorb everything around you. Try out new things. Whether it’s food, music, a book or a magazine. Inspiration is everywhere. Buy something to read today (a new book, magazine or newspaper) and read a bit.

Grab one of the sticky note ideas. Write down a) what this idea exactly is b) how you’re going to succeed c) what you need to do so. Also, set a duration limit. You need deadlines to achieve. How long do you need to finish this new plan?

You’re almost there! You’ve managed to come up with one workable idea, you’ve tried some others. Now it’s the time to seek feedback. Constructive criticism helps you in becoming a better creative. Find someone who can evaluate.

Meditate (I like to use the app Head Space). Meditation is a popular method for relieving stress and letting ideas flow. When you’re done, take a fresh look at your idea and the feedback. What can you do to make your idea stand out even more?

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    Very positive article, the actions specified in the Friday are very important to get successful results.

    I’m so bad at brainstorming ideas. I don’t exercise my brain enough, fleshing out ideas, so this is an easy starter exercise!

    Nicolette |

    I am going to attempt this challenge as I need to boost my creativity asap! Thanks for sharing this post. This sentence ‘you need a lot of useless ideas too’ just reminded me that behind a great idea there are 1293810293 failed ideas. thanks!


    These are such useful tips! I will start doing these for sure x

    I love your blog and creative ideas! I’m definitely going to try taking a walk, and making a board of post it notes. Have a great week! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    Ohhh yes! Great to hear :)

    Definitely going to at least attempt this challenge. Great way to start off the week!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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