PersonalTrends: yay or nay 30 May 2017
Yay or nay: sweet spring and summer coats

The sun is out, we’re whistling during bike rides through the city and everyone around you is raving about barbecue sessions in the park this weekend. Sipping, grilling & chilling. That’s the mantra these days. You’ve got your outfit sorted for these occasions but, do you need a coat?

Of course, you need a coat! Just in case it gets colder. Or windier. Or wetter (let’s hope not). Yes, it’s time to ban the faux furs and BIG puffer jackets and bring in light weighted, colorful, super stylish and fun summer coats. My philosophy: no-one ever has too many coats and jackets. What are your thoughts on these cuties: Yay, or nay?


Pictures via: Pinterest, The Citizens of Fashion, Pandora Sykes, Alex-Closet, Style du Monde

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