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Snackchat: best Matcha in Amsterdam

How matcha do you like it? Matcha is everywhere these days, and not just in tea. Matcha iced lattes, milkshakes, cakes, ice cream… We can go matcha-bonkers if you’d ask me. As true matcha believers, we decided it was time for a real matcha snackchat. We did a little round-up of all the best matcha spots in the city.

So… what’s matcha again? Matcha is a vibrant emerald powder that dissolves in water or milk. The powder is finely ground green tea leaves and has been used for decades in Japan and China as part of traditional tea ceremonies. The green tea plants are shade-grown and therefore, the plant produces more theanine and caffeine. This combination (BOOM!) is considered to account for the calm energy people feel from drinking matcha. They say matcha has several health benefits, but the vast majority these benefits are inconclusive.

Lavinia Good Food
Healthy hotspot Lavinia Good Food servers a brilliant matcha green tea latte, with coconut milk. And while there, make sure to check out Lavinia’s buffet: choice out of 3 salads + bread.
Kerkstraat 176

Sells & serves matcha. Buy some powder to try at home or order a nice warming or iced matcha. Kaldi is located near the 9 Straatjes district – which makes it a perfect place for an in between shopping spree matcha break.
Herengracht 300

Juice to Boost
As this place is close to our Chapter Friday office, we know that Juice to Boost loves matcha. From matcha tea to matcha lattes and matcha strawberry energy balls: this place is all about matcha.
Reguliersdwarsstraat 121

Tea’s Delight
Buy and drink the real thing at Tea’s Delight, a small tea house at the Kinkerstraat. Owners Hong Tong and Yiemie Wu mission is to bring the Chinese tea culture to The Netherlands. And yes, that includes mellow sweet matcha. You may drink their top-grade matcha in thin (usucha) as well as in thick (koicha) tea.
Kinkerstraat 58

Bagels & Beans
With over 20 Bagels & Beans stores in Amsterdam, a good matcha latte (with soy drink) is never far away.
Different locations

Bakers & Roasters
Known for its incredible all day breakfast and… Matcha latte! Creamy, greeny and utterly delicious.
Different locations

T’s Tea Bar
Last but certainly not least: T’s Tea! We’ve written about this incredible place a little while ago but forgot to mention their brilliant macho matcha latte!
Jan Evertsenstraat 89

Illustration by: Marie Bodie

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    To bad you forgot about Quies Tea Amsterdam, where they make almost everything from matcha :( The ilustration is beautiful though.. :)

    Wow, good one! Didn’t know Quies Tea. We’ll add it to the list. Thanks Steph!

    Bij YoYo heb je lekkere matcha bubble tea ;)

    I love the Bagels & Beans Matcha because a lot of places tend to make them very bitter. It’s very hard to have a matcha spot on but i’ll definitely give these ones a try!

    Lovely blogpost!


    Yesss glad you like it!! x

    Lavinia’s would be my go-to place, I love coconut milk! It makes everything so creamybut not heavy.

    Ah, seriously loving the cute illustrations! My friends are all matcha-crazy, so this is great!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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