Daily spark 21 May 2017
Magazine of the month: WOTH

It’s been quite some time since we’ve nominated a magazine of the month (the beautiful Shot of Joy magazine was February). While cleaning out our office (yes, we do clean sometimes), we rediscovered the first WOTH issue. What a stunner! Issue four is out right now, and we would love to share our thoughts on this magazine.

WOTH stands for Wonderful Things and is a definite must-buy for all you Dutch speaking design lovers out there. It’s an independent magazine funded by crowdfunding and the magazine itself celebrated its launch last September. It comes six times a year.Three reasons why you should definitely get a copy of this indie magazine:

At  first glance
Wow, this is something different! We like the fact the magazine itself has an original approach to art en design. The contents page shows you small images of all the pages that are still to come (so original). The first issue is packed with great photography and five honest interviews with people who work in different creative industries. Like chef Sergio Herman, fashion designer Ronald van der Kemp and artist Hannes van Severen.

WOTH knows what WOTH-readers like. You’ll find a huge list with original to-do’s in The Netherlands. Haven’t seen these ones on Facebook before!

Striking interiors, hidden shops, artsy must-haves and more. WOTH makes us want to upgrade our homes right now.

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