Lattes and laptopsPlaces 12 May 2017
Lattes & Laptops: Hangar

There’s something about Amsterdam Noord that makes it a magic place. It’s not just the ferry (hello instant holiday feeling – if the sun is out, that is), but the area itself has transformed enormously the last couple of years. Nowadays, it’s one of the most creative and coolest places in town, overlooking the city from the other side.

A very Instagram-worthy place is called Hangar, located in an old – what’s in the name – hangar. Right in between Hotel De Goudfazant (known for its amazing food) and FC Hyena (the coolest art house cinema and wine bar you will ever see). Yes, this is the cool corner of Noord. Hangar’s interior can be described as a place where industrial bits and pieces meet stylish tropical-chic (golden palm trees!). Sounds good? We know, it does.

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The best bit about Hangar? The location. Okay, it is a 30-minute walk from IJplein (take one of the free ferries from Amsterdam Central Station / or catch a ferry from the Java/KNSM island), but the incredible views and interior and great atmosphere make you forget in the blink of an eye. Hands up if you can imagine yourself working for a bit OR (this is the better option) spending warm hot summer nights at Hangar’s huge terrace, sipping ice cold cocktails. Speaking of which. Is it summer yet?!

Aambeeldstraat 36, Amsterdam

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