PersonalYara's outfits 4 May 2017
Cool-girl suits for president!

What we wear really sets the tone for the day, doesn’t it? Right now, I’m fiercely into funky power suits again (I know – déjà vu, I clearly can’t get enough of them – hence my ketchup suit, and this pink beauty) and whenever I wear one of them I feel like a cool girl who’s ready to roll.

In my humble opinion, a suit is the perfect example of an investment piece. A suit is fashionable, usually flattering, absolutely versatile and (the best bit is yet to come) you can wear it as separates too. You’re able to pull a zillion outfits with just one good suit. Ka-ching!

My favorite look? I like bringing back the cool when it comes to suits. No boardroom look for me: I like to switch out the formal blouse for a tee and heels for sneakers. It’s where razor-sharp meets the soft, effortless cool. Now tell me, are you in team vertical or horizontal stripes?  

Suit: Esprit / shoes: Nike

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