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Shop Tip: De Balkonie

Living in a city is face-paced, fun and exciting. The downside: there’s a big chance you end up in a shockingly expensive teeny-tiny apartment. Some of us are lucky enough to have some balcony space. But balcony owners also know the struggle: it’s hard to turn a piece of concrete into a relaxing nook.

We have found the answer to that struggle and it’s called De Balkonie, a cool store in Amsterdam fully packed with all you need for a serious balcony make-over. Emma’s spotted this place when she was busy getting her balcony on fleek (check it out, it’s beautiful).

Everything sold here is suited for true balcony-life. Whether it’s a mini barbecue, perfect string lights or some balcony proof plants. The team behind The Balkonie also offers balcony styling (so cool!) and plant care advice to keep your balcony luscious green and happy.

Jan Evertsenstraat 90, Amsterdam
(oh, and while visiting De Balkonie, make sure to drop by T’s tea bar – it’s a Chapter Friday favorite)

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