Mini expoPassion 13 April 2017
Mini Expo: Meet the inspiring Gus & Stella

Gus & Stella Window Design for Topshop SS17

Today, we’re happy to introduce some fresh talent to you. Meet Gus & Stella, a Belgian photo, film and collage duo living and working in London. Their approach to photography and film is rooted in the playful observation of everyday life. And they love to bring tacitly in everything they do.” Travel, everyday life and any form of art are our biggest sources of inspiration. We love life and we hope that reflects in our work.”

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What are you currently working on?
“Currently, we’re working on the digital rebranding of a Dutch brand, which is a very cool and exciting project! It’s something very new for us but totally in line with what we’ve been doing.”
“We’re also working on a few upcoming editorials in London and Milan and we’ve been creating a personal book too, which we’ve thought about for a long time so we really want to put it together now! It would be great to show people our personal work too as this has been in our archives for too long. Hopefully, we can combine this with an exhibition which would be amazing to organize!”

Were you passionate about photography & visualization as a kid?
“As a kid, Gus was passionate in putting together fake newspapers reporting on imagined NBA games with real players. He would print multiple copies to hand out to friends and relatives to keep them updated. He would also go on field trips to the small forest next to his house to document the variety of mushrooms with the Kodak Instamatic from his parents.”

“As for Stella, she has been making collages ever since she was able to handle scissors. She started her archive of papers, tear sheets and found rips from an early age and is still gathering stuff to complete the archive. As for photography, her uncle was a photographer, who thought her the dark room and both her mom and dad were very creative so she picked up being creative very easily, which is the same for her brother who is a digital designer.”

How would you describe your work yourself?
“Observative. Tactile. Lively. Happy.”

Who or what are you particularly inspired by?
“Observing people and objects, light and the life around us is a great part of our inspiration. We love to browse through libraries, second-hand bookstores or one of many interesting exhibitions. Traveling is an essential part of our work, we love the feeling of being somewhere for the first time and wanting to photograph every angle. But we also love knowing a place, knowing the light and revisiting the same spots.”

What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of so far?
“Being able to do what we love together!”

How did you start working together?
“We both studied Photography at KASK School of Arts in Ghent Belgium.  As friends, we always helped each other out on the different assignments, which was a lot of fun. We became a couple and from there on we decided to team up as partners in crime and started our own company.”

How do you complement each other?
“As we’re a couple in life and work, we live and breathe what we create. We love working on a project from a to z and it’s great to be able to bounce ideas back and forth like a game of Ping-Pong. People always ask us how it is to work and live together but for us, it’s a very organic process and we both love being together all the time.”

“In terms of who does what, that comes very organically as well. We both take photographs or film simultaneous so we shoot from different angles, which create different views. We love catching an off guard moment! The collage or reworking of the images is thought out by both of us and carried out by Stella.”

Any big dreams for the future?
“Continuing what we’ve been doing and loving every part of it.”

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