Trends: yay or nay 1 April 2017
Interior inspo: bold colored couches

As you have probably noticed, the colored couches trend has a very strong game on Pinterest. We’ve seen them in sunny yellows, perfect pinks, bold blues and other jaw-dropping colorsAnd like accessories can finalize an outfit, a funky sofa can really set the tone for sure.

We want ’em all.

Life is too short to play it safe. So why should you choose a gray couch when you can go all big and bold? Color may be intimidating, but a colorful sofa can actually be versatile. And we know what we’re talking about as Yara’s owns a baby blue velvet couch, Alice’s bright yellow sofa uplifts her room and Emma’s very happy with her burgundy red armchair.

The next time you’re ready to invest in a new couch (we know this requires quite the splurge), would you consider a colored showstopper?

Photos via: Trendland, They All Hate Us, Sf Girl Bay, Rue Magazine, Pinterest

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