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Snackchat: best Eggs Benedict in Amsterdam

Calling all runny egg lovers! What beats two gooey, golden eggs with crispy bacon on two toasted muffins, topped off with thick and creamy hollandaise sauce? Nothing. Eggs Benny is everything we need in life. And whenever they’re on the brunch menu: we order them.

Why are Eggs Benedict so popular these days? Unless you’re an experienced chef yourself, we know (we tried, we failed) they’re pretty hard to make. It’s easy to ruin poached eggs. And therefore, it’s a real treat when your Eggs Benedict served perfectly on a plate. Call it a fancy-schmancy treat.  Also: it’s the satisfaction of watching the yolk spill under my knife that never gets boring.  Last but not least: there are many variations that are worth trying too. Did anyone say salmon and avo? Yasssss.

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An Amsterdam classic. Will never go wrong. George’s is famous for its Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine and Eggs Norwegian.
different locations in Amsterdam

Scandinavian Embassy
Noted for its delish Eggs Norwegian (they serve the finest salmon in Amsterdam) sensational coffee and cinnamon buns. Can be crowded during weekends, this place is tiny.
Sarphatipark 34

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A hidden gem in Amsterdam West. No online menu, but this restaurant in indie film theatre LAB111 serves delicious Eggs Benedict with oyster mushrooms and spinach, topped off with Hollandaise sauce. Super hungry? Order some burger sliders on the side.
Arie Biemondstraat 111

One of the best places for brunch in Amsterdam. They’ve got three locations in the city plus the very popular brunch boat sailing every weekend. The menu features poached eggs with Alaskan smoked sockeye salmon and avocado + all the sides you fancy. Make sure to check the ‘bloody mary records’ for a tipsy brunch.
different locations in Amsterdam

Perfect spot at the buzzing Jan Evertsenstraat. Not too crowded, not too touristy. Serves different delicious variations of Eggs Benedict. When the sun is out, make sure to get your ass over to the terrace overlooking the canal!
Jan Evertsenstraat 41

Bakers & Roasters
Good to know: Bakers & Roasters is foodie heaven, but make sure to que for at least 40 minutes if you haven’t made a reservation. This place has been named in every tourist guide because they serve an enormous range of outstanding brunch dishes (the eggs benny are to die for). It’s excellent, it’s crowded. But from a food lover point of view it’s definitely worth the wait.
Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54
Kadijksplein 16

Morgan & Mees
A Chapter Friday-favorite. This place is so Instagramable! The Mees Eggs are to die for: poached eggs with avocado, bacon and hollandaise sauce on crispy sourdough bread.
Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat 2-6

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Eggggs! TEDS serves over 25 brunch dishes and many of them contain eggs. Poached, boiled or scrambled? Triple Omega is an all time favorite. Add some champagne for the full experience.
Bosboom Toussaintstraat 60

Metropolitan / Cafe de Paris
Imagine: two poached eggs on brioche with hollandaise, bacon AND avocado. Does this make your eggs loving self-happy? Make sure to pay Metropolitan a visit soon (and they serve great pancakes too).
Rokin 81/83 Nes 96

We’ve written about the Kanarieclub before, but did you know this creative hub (perfect as an office-away-from-office) in Amsterdam-West serves brilliant eggs? They serve Eggs Benedict on sourdough bread with an avo spread, ham, spinach, bacon, hollandaise sauce, and cress. Yum!
Bellamyplein 51

Drover’s Dog
Servers Australian classics with a surprising twist. And Eggs Benedict, too!
Heemstedestraat 25

Illustration: by the lovely Marie Bodie (read more about her story here).


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