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Inside a stylists stunning home office (full of DIY’s!)

Giving the hours we’ve all putting at work, it only seems fair that our workspace is worth working in, isn’t it? Meet Martine Reuring (32), a cool Dutch freelance stylist who knows the works. She created a stylish space that feels anything but small.

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Most of the stylists we’ve met live in big cities. You’ve chosen for Maarssen. How come?
Martine: “Ha, yes. It’s almost something I’m ashamed of. Living in ‘vibrant’ Maarssen wasn’t something dreamt of. I moved into my boyfriend’s house. But in retrospect: it’s not as expensive as Amsterdam (which allows us to travel often) and the are area is particularly great due to its central location: it’s only a 25 minutes ride to Amsterdam or Utrecht.”

How would you describe your interior style?
Martine: “Hard to say! I would say it’s a mix of vintage and modern items, accented with pops of bright color. My place is quite packed (I love accessories and I can’t stop buying them), and I like an edgy touch. Like, I used metro tiles in our bedroom. My man assumed it was a bit weird, but he let me do it and now he loves it too.”

You work from home. How do you set boundaries between work and life, with all distractions around?
Martine: “It’s quite a challenge. But I learned to do so. Sometimes I’m in a flow, and I can work everywhere in the house all night and my laptop keeps following me. Even in bed! As a break, I go shopping or do some vacuuming. I think working from home is fun and it’s good for me. I can’t possibly imagine myself working 9 to 5.”

Work from home has its perks: sleep later, hang in your sweat pants. Guilty?
Martine: “OMG, SUPER guilty!”

Some say a clutter free office is conducive to productivity. How does this work for you?
Martine: “Not. Hahahaha. My office is 9 times out of 10 a total mess. I’ve got heaps of stuff and it’s always chaos after a shoot. I need to find peace in mind to tidy up and I’m always on the run. Whenever it gets too bad, I will start conquering my mess.”

You do a lot of styling work. Do you find yourself keep restyling your home a lot?
Martine: “Ohh yes. I enjoy restyling my place all the time. Every time my friend Jeanet enters my home, she scans each room for new bits and pieces. She always spots something. Whenever I get bored with a feature in my house, I change it. Like the jungle wallpaper in my hallway: I’ve had four different wallpapers designs on that wall before (yep, guilty!). My house keeps going through series of evolutions and that’s what keeps it an inspiring nest which never tires me.”

What piece holds a special memory?
Martine: “I will never forget finding my way through the maze of streets and alleyways in the medina of Marrakech carrying… a copper sink. I was the best trip ever, with three of my best friends. I also bought hand-painted black and white Morrocan tiles during that particular holiday. Really, if we’re ever going to leave this house, I’m bringing the sink AND the tiles to the next. I’m a big fan of buying interior pieces during my travels. These are meaningful and unique items. Like my neon flamingo, I bought in Los Angeles. I haven’t seen it anywhere else yet!”

Which Instagram accounts do we need to follow for more interior inspiration?

Top tips how to create a creative office at home?
1) Try and invest in cool items, and really do so for your office. I noticed that I used to skimp on office supplies. Now I aim to make my office as cool as other parts of my home. Like my globe, for example. It required quite a splurge, but it’s really a statement item in my office.

2) An accent wall is the perfect solution to bring new color into your office. I used different shapes on my wall and that’s something I’m still very happy about. You could also go for a bold wallpaper print, a collage of photos.

3) You can never have enough boxes and baskets. I like to get them at Sostrene Grene: they sell the cutest boxes and it’s cheap too.

4) Create cozy corner! The perfect place to destress and it makes your office a lot more homely. If possible: invest in a comfy chair, because it’s a welcoming variation on your desk chair.

5) A bulletin board or cork wall are part of most offices. It works as a daily reminder of the projects and things you need to tackle and can work as a creative mood board at the same time. It’s a quick and easy way to spread out ideas in a creative way and there are plenty of ways to make it uniquely yours.

6) Don’t be afraid to push color boundaries. Experiment with lavish ideas. A white wall is just a white wall. And there’s no better way to inject our personalities into our offices than by using color.

7) Found an interior piece during traveling? Don’t hesitate. Buy it! There are always ways to maximize the space in your luggage and these unique buys are the best. I regularly purchase something abroad without thinking of the traveling consequences, but they always end up in the right place. My house!

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    This is awesome! My home office is getting somewhat of a colour overhaul and I’m always looking for good ideas!

    Kate Lately | Fashion + Lifestyle Blog


    Oh ik kan me hier zo goed in vinden! Ik was in november in mijn eentje in Marrakech waar ik halsoverkop de laatste avond de medina nog doorworstelde om alsnog die koperen wasbak te kopen. Waar ik nu nog niet eens plaats voor heb haha

    Dit ziet er echt te gaaf uit!

    Heel gaaf! En ook tof om te zien dat je echt niet perse in een grote stad hoeft te wonen. Dit heeft ook heel veel voordelen.

    I love her home office. I can only imagine how great it’d be to wake up and work in a space like this everyday!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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