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A guide to awesome work spots in Amsterdam

Looking for the perfect spot in Amsterdam to settle down and crack on with your to-do list? As freelancers ourselves, we’re always looking for places you can turn into your office-away-from-office. Because sometimes, inspiration requires a change of scenery. All you need is good wifi, even better coffee for your caffeine kicks and some comfy seats.

We’ve listed our favorite work-friendly cafes and bars across Amsterdam we’ve tested and proven to be good so far.

> More Amsterdam? We’ve listed our favorite to-do’s this season.

1. Kanarie Club
A keeper. Kanarie Club sets the tone how a restaurant and working space can blend together just perfectly. It makes a great alternative flexible workplace as all facilities are taken care of. There are enough plugs to charge devices (check!), anyone can use the printer they offer lockers too.
Bellamyplein 51

2. Sticky Fingers
This place has proved itself as selfie heaven (hello there, pink wall), but it makes a great work space too. Great coffee, mouth-watering treats, free wifi, loads of charging spots all over and nice tables that seem to be made to put your laptop on. Just what we need!
Amstelveenseweg 3

3. Coffee Bru
As color makes life better, we fell in love with Coffee Bru. This place is famous for its great coffee (from famous Bocca), and it’s definitely a work-friendly space as well: there are a lot of creative types with their Macbooks are plugged in in the back at the long table (they offer good wifi!). Whenever you’re done with working or want to take a break: make sure to check out the flourished Beukenplein.
Beukenplein 14

4. Toki
Instagrammable spot? Check. Toki is an inspiring place, where they understand coffee (and serve with a friendly smile). It makes a great place to work if you’re not distracted by all of those wonderful magazines and can handle some noise as it might get a bit crowded during the day.
Binnen Dommersstraat 15

We’ve found a new happy place! It’s PARK, a chill out zone/working space/restaurant in Hotel Arena. Right in east of Amsterdam, with the Oosterpark at its feet. It’s spacious, it’s slightly fancy and a bit more anonymous. Which makes it great for work. Take a seat at one of the big tables or settle yourself in front of the big fireplace. Work and play, have a quick espresso and croissant or pancakes.
’s-Gravesandestraat 55, Amsterdam

6. Wilde Westen
Creative hub Wilde Westen makes a perfect place to plug in your laptop and work for a few hours (and then unplug and enjoy the delicious pizza’s they serve). Located in Bos en Lommer, it’s the go-to place in Amsterdam-West. It’s  huge (over 100 chairs) but still has a cozy, creative living room vibe going on.
Bos en Lommerplantsoen 1

7. Louie Louie
We love the fact that the building itself is very light (thanks to the conservatory), and the interior design is a mix of pitch black, turquoise, browns, and greens. Lighting colors and furnishings right down to the last detail – even the toilets look amazing. From the conservatory, you overlook the huge terrace, definitely one of the best terrace spots in this particular area. Come for breakfast, get some work done. Have lunch, meet deadlines. Enjoy some bites and without even noticing, you’re up for after work drinks.
Linnaeusstraat 13-1 Amsterdam

8. The Pool
We love places that seem to know what a freelancer needs. The Pool, for example. The wifi works like a charm, there are enough sockets, this place has BIG tables, good coffee and a stunning interior. What else do you need?
Wibautstraat 131

9. T’s tea bar
We recently discovered T’s tea bar in Amsterdam which is (as the name suggests) a tea bar. And a pretty amazing looking one too, with Instagram-worthy interiors. Grab your laptop and get some work done at the big table while sipping your tea. We were definitely not alone, working at T’s. It looks like it attracts many expats and people working in the creative business. T’s? Yes, please!
Jan Evertsenstraat 89

10. CT Coffee & Coconuts
Some call it the most overrated workplace (because it’s huge and noisy), but that seems something that appeals too. Because we believe the ideal work environment entails a little bit of background noise. And there’s always at least one free spot at CT Coffee & Coconuts. CT Coffee & Coconuts offers good wifi, enough light and a creative atmosphere. Talking food, there’s enough to choose from, from cake to sandwiches, quiche, burgers – and most of the ingredients are organic.
Ceintuurbaan 282-284

10. Back to Black
Last but certainly not least: our favorite hidden gem. It feels like entering a friend’s cozy living room filled with the smell of home-made brewed coffee. The wooden bar and interior details give a warm fuzzy feeling (or was it the latte we ordered?). The table in the center of the bar is a great place to install yourself and your laptop for a productive working day. Huge white windows offer lots of daylight and fresh air in the summer. For some next level comfortable sitting: take a seat at one of the big lounge chairs.
Weteringstraat 48

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