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5 Spring trends that are hitting the streets right now

Dare to be different! We’ve been excited for this for quite some time. From disco-ready dresses to kitten heels and bright colors: yes, the spirit of the 80’s is something that keeps hunting us. It’s the season of contrasts and YOU make the rules.

This spring, you’re free to mix ‘n’ match whenever you feel like. Does a corset sound a bit too much? Dress it down with an oversized t-shirt and you’ll be perfectly fine. Fancy the idea of wearing a dress over jeans? You can. Every day of the week. And while doing so, why not experiment with oriental prints too.

What do you think of these trends? We know they’re slightly daring, but the other hand, spring is the perfect season to play around and experiment. Yay or Nay? Share your thoughts in the comment section below :) 

Let’s go oriental, baby! We saw oriental influences rocking the catwalks at Prada and Gucci runway shows and it seems like this trend is hitting the streets right now. Think exotic prints, mandarin collars, and delicate silk robes, with a modern and western twist to it.

Spotted in almost every high street store right now: gingham is certainly taking a leap in fashion. It’s literally everywhere. Gingham has a surprising edge when you style it right. How not to look like an oversized picnic blanket? Well, try some gingham flare pants, or a voluminous gingham skirt with a funky white t-shirt and sneakers (or bright velvet mules for a more feminine touch) and you’ll be just fine.

This season is perfect for every girl who’s struggling with towering stilettos. We’re talking real comfort here. This spring, we keep focussing on the platform trend but adding some oldskool kitten heels along the way. Yes, the good old mum-shoes  (doesn’t the queen wears kitten heels?) are making a fashion comeback this year.

How to wear ’em best? Like we told you before, you can go absolutely bonkers this season. So wear them with irony and pair these elegant shoes with a badass tracksuit or ripped jeans.

We can’t get enough of the dress over jeans trend and we’re happy it’s still here this spring. It’s stylish and pretty practical as layering is a clever answer to the treacherous temperatures right now. Dare to work contrast and silhouettes: you can pair voluminous dresses and flared jeans without looking enormous or sacrificing style.

This may be the trickiest trend in the list. The 80s-style corset might be something you’d wish would never be a thing, but it’s about to happen. Yes, it’s totally Kardashian. But it turns out the corset belt is the biggest accessory trend this season.

How to wear it without looking tacky? It’s all about layering. A corset elevates a white t-shirt like no other. Make sure to choose the right fabrics: a suede corset pairs beautifully and super chic with a shirt.


(Photos via: Pinterest, Who What Wear, Collage Vintage, My Ciin)

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