Snackchat 4 March 2017
Snackchat: best burgers in Amsterdam

Is there something in the world that equals the utter deliciousness of a flame grilled patty with ground beef, melted cheddar, a bed of fresh lettuce, sliced tasty tomatoes, onions and pickles, topped off (with preferably a large amount) sauce? I guess not. Burgers are here to stay. Forever.

It seems like it took forever before real burger joints found their way to Amsterdam. Until the last couple of years, as over twenty locally-owned hamburger restaurants opened. Some are awesome, some are pure disappointment. We know where to get the best burgers in town and we’re ready to spill the beans. Dig in!

Termarsh & co
The top notch. The best of the best. Strangely enough, you find this place in the city center, next to the very busy Vijzelstraat. Not a place you would expect such a great burger place at all. Won the best burger of The Netherlands prize in 2015 and hasn’t disappointed ever since. Make sure to add some truffle mayonnaise to your fries.
Vijzelstraat 4

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De Biertuin
Famous for its delicious chicken, burgers and beers, the Biertuin makes a great place to check with a group of friends. The hamburger deluxe (with pancetta, cheddar, fries and a salad) is an absolute a winner and the pulled pork burger is to die for. For the super hungry: the carnivore menu for two has it all: chicken, burgers, regular fries and sweet potato fries.
Linnaeusstraat 29
Prinsengracht 494 (coming soon)

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Considered the best (and most messy) cheeseburger of Amsterdam. There, we said it. Like De Biertuin, Rotisserie serves both rotisserie chicken, snacks and burgers. We’re big fans of the ‘fucking everything’ choice on the menu. Which, as you probably would have guessed, includes everything. Wings, ribs, onion rings, fried chicken, the whole lot. Makes a great starter. Oh, and have we mentioned the cocktail menu?De Clercqstraat 81H
Beukenplein 17

The word braai is Afrikaans for barbecue or grill and is a social custom in South Africa. That explains why at Braai, they definitely know how to grill a burger. Both the beef (with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and Braai burger sauce) and the veggie burger (soy burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and grilled veggies) are absolutely delicious. And so are de slow cooked ribs…
Schinkelhavenkade 1

Cannibale Royale
Real cannibals know their meat. Just go to Cannibale Royale and you’ll be fine. This brasserie extraordinaire fulfills all needs for anyone who loves good food, lots of meat, exotic beers and the most beautiful wines.  The best: they’re open ’till late (3 AM during weekends). Make sure to leave some room for desert: they serve mouthwatering cheesecakes and a red velvet cake…
Handboogstraat 17a
Ruysdaelkade 149
Lange Niezel 15

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A classic. You could consider Burgermeester as one of the first proper burger joints in Amsterdam (2007) and it has expanded ever since. This place serves 13 (!) types of burgers, and that’s something that makes our burger minded heart happy. Can’t choose? Go for the mini trio.
Plantage Kerklaan 37
Utrechtsestraat 8
Elandsgracht 130
Albert Cuypstraat 48

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As you probably know, we’re always craving for snacks and we love to share our favorite spots. FYI: we did some stories on the best places for hot dogs, fries, breakfast pancakes, sushi and tacos in Amsterdam, too. Happy snacking!

Illustration: Marie Bodié

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