PersonalPersonal stories 23 March 2017
Hello there, sunshine! (yes, layering is everything)

Ooh yes! The spring sunshine has returned! It’s time to drop the faux fur coats and teddy coats we love so much and swap them for something lighter. That said, this season is throwing us for a loop, too. How to dress best for the unexpected? It requires forward-thinking as spring temperatures can be treacherous as hell. The latest addition to my wardrobe (the gold star flare pants – I know, sooo Austin Powers) makes a perfect statement piece and is certainly up for some serious layering. 

Talking spring: I did a video recently on the latest shoe trends this season. You can watch it here. Also, we’ve listed some of the coolest things to do in Amsterdam right now (don’t we all just feel the need to go outside and do things?). Enjoy!

I’m wearing: ANNA+NINA tee, Filippa K bomber jacket, The Lovers and Drifters Club pants.

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