Personal 10 March 2017
YES! Cotton candy pink hair

Hello there, spring pastels! I have to admit I’ve been dreaming of sweet pink hair for quite a bit; it adds a daily spark and a certain playful edge at the same time. As I never had an unusual hair color before, it felt like I was planning something huge (even though this stuff washes out gradually).

Sometimes you need a little change in your life. And you know what: the beginning of change is the moment of doubt. My advice? Step away from fear and doubt, step outside your comfort zone and just do it. I’ve been happily whipping my pink locks back and forth ever since. It’s such a mood booster. What is something you would like about your appearance, but haven’t done (yet)?

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    Bianca Kendell

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    Staat je supertof! Bij veel mensen vind ik het wat minder maar bij jou vind ik het heel gaaf. En btw, ik vind je outfit ook heel gaaf.


    Zo verliefd op je cotton candy hair! Staat je echt prachtig. Mooie foto’s. Complimenten voor de fotografe. Wat ik zou willen doen met m’n haar is ook eens een gekke kleur proberen.. Maar bij donker haar heb je al snel een wat “duidelijkere” kleur nodig omdat het anders niet te zien is. Ik ga binnenkort één van de kleurtjes van colorista van L’Oréal proberen. Gelukkig is het uitwasbaar ;-)

    Wow!! you look fantastic!!


    Love it Yara! Also the bodysuit is gorgeous (hello megababe!) If I may ask: where did you find it?

    Ik vind je haar echt geweldig! Love it. X

    This is the hair I am literally swooning over. I want it done so badly but going to pastel purple at the end. It looks so beaut on you!

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

    The pink hair is so fun! I completely agree about stepping outside your comfort zone!

    xo, Sofia


    Totally love your hair color! I could never pull off something similar but I do love to see this kind of cotton candy pink hair on gorgeous women like yourself. :)

    Ik vind het echt heel erg mooi!

    Fabulous! Love the look ❤︎ I may have to look for a wash-in myself!

    LOVE IT!!


    what a lovely shade of pink! I recently got my eyebrows tattooed which I had been wanting to do for years! Finally found the courage!

    Thanks for the share.

    Jo x

    I’m loving it! <33
    X Carmen –


    Wow, the hair looks great! I always wanted cotton candy pink hair when I was a teenager. Must be a huge hassle to maintain, though!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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