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At home with: creative Nina Nijland

Wonder why shops like All The Luck In The World look so pretty? It’s because of inspiring young creatives like Nina Nijland (26) style ’em. Nina is an all-round freelance stylist & graphic designer and shares a house with her lover Josh in buzzing Amsterdam-West.

She sees her house as a neverending styling object. Nina: “So, one day I could wake up and think: that wall should be black. An hour later I am, usually still wearing my pajamas, at a hardware store to get the perfect color mixed.”

Hi, Nina! You seem like an all round creative.
Nina: “Hello, hello! Okay so, a while ago I decided that it was time to chase my dreams and focus more on starting my own business. That’s why I reduced my working hours at concept store All The Luck In The World and I’m currently working on setting up my own little empire. All my ideas are still in the early stages, but what I can say is that it will be some sort of creative platform that will provide me to create pretty things together with people who’s creativity I admire. I’m also working on my own product line.”

How would you describe your interior style?
Nina: “About half a year ago I bought this house with Josh and we live here now for almost four moths. When we first set foot in the place, we just knew this had to be our new home. Because we live on the third floor, the house is beautifully light. It also contains all kinds of authentic elements. Two important things for a cozy home if you ask me.I would describe my style as a light, fairly simple basis, with pretty bold accessories. And with that I mean a lot of gold, velvet, dots and flowers, haha. A mix of items that come from better-known brands and second-hand treasures. I believe any home needs some weird vintage eye catchers. Whether it’s a disco ball or porcelain Dalmatian. That’s what makes an interior interesting and personal. I also find it really important that our home is cozy and has a warm atmosphere. A place where people feel welcome and at home.”

Do you work a lot from your home? What’s your favorite work spot?
Nina: “Basically I work from home three days a week. When we went looking for a home I really hoped we would find a house with an extra room where I could work from. It’s so nice if you have your own little office, where you can let your mess just be and your fantasies run free. I kind of force myself to go into some kind of work-mode when I enter my ‘office’. However, I notice I still have to get used to that. Sometimes, at a moment of weakness, I still end up curling my hair or walking a fashion show for my imaginary co-workers. Okay, focus now.”

You do a lot of styling work. Do you find yourself keep restyling your home a lot?Nina: “Absolutely. As I am daily involved with discovering new trends or be on the search for new beautiful interior items, I notice that my style changes practically every month. Also, if I have something on my mind, it has to happen immediately. So, one day I could wake up and think: that wall should be black. An hour later I am, usually still wearing my pajamas, at a hardware store to get the perfect color mixed.”

Your first ever interior buy?
Nina: “That would be the big white princessy bed by IKEA when I moved to Amsterdam nine years ago. The one with the curly headboard. My budget was tight at that time, but I’ve always been a very solution oriented thinker. If something was way out of my budget, I made it myself or I went on the lookout for a less expensive, or secondhand version of the object I had in mind. I still do, by the way. When you find the piece you were looking for, or create it yourself, that’s the best. Really.”

What piece holds a special memory?
Nina: “I think most of our personal special memories are framed. For example, the ‘contract’ Josh and I put up about two years ago, when we had a little tiny bit to much to drink. It says things like we promise each other breakfast in bed every week and unconditional love till we’re old and wrinkled. We haven’t succeeded in the breakfast in bed thing, but on the rest, we’re still going strong. The framed newspaper I got from my grandma on my eighteenth birthday. It’s the newspaper from the day I was born. She kept it for me.”

If you had 10,000 euro to spend on a piece of furniture/accessory/art/decor item, what would it be and why?
Nina: “I don’t think it would be one particular item, but a bunch of different things. I really would like to have a new couch. Something big, fluffy, velvet, you know what I mean. Or cozy chair to put by the oriel window in our workspace. More plants. More illustrations by artists I adore. More of everything actually. And although it’s not one particular item, I would definitely be able to spend the 10,000 euro in one day. Watch me ;).”

What buy do you absolutely regret?
Nina: “Honestly, I am quite an impulsive buyer. So it is quite common that one day I think: I need ‘object A’ in my life. Like, really need it. Now. And then a month later I end up wondering why I have even purchased it in the first place. In that case, the solution is quite simple: I put ‘object A’ on Marktplaats and from the money I make by selling it, I buy something new. It’s the circle of interior styling (imagine Elton John singing that).”

Which 3 Instagram/ Pinterest accounts do we need to follow for more interior inspiration?
@designlovefest – After a lot of years as a loyal follower, Bri Emery of Designlovefest still inspires me. I think it’s beautiful how she creates amazing things with people she admires. – I need to have everything that is in her house. Actually, we have a lot of similar items.
@nijland_nina – As one of the most inspiring beings on this planet, it’s really necessary for everyone to follow me ;)

A good piece of interior styling advice you would like to share?
Nina: “Fresh flowers. Always. Everywhere. I’m still amazed at how flowers can bring a room to life. Honestly, if I had to pick whether to spend my last money on flowers or food, it would be flowers. That’s weird, right? Yeah, maybe.”

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    Currently wishing hard that I could get Nina to come over and do a makeover at my home! Such a lovely, fresh home. Her house is exactly how I’d love mine to look, plants-and-flowers everywhere and pops of pink-and-gold-and-dots, but I’m only missing her styling chops. :) Till then, I’ll continue adding flowers everywhere I can!


    Well, where do you live? ;)

    Haha, in Amsterdam West, incidentally! :) Love your house, Nina, it looks warm and beautiful.


    Nou, dat is toevallig! Mocht ik je ooit ergens mee kunnen helpen, dan weet je me te vinden! Dank voor de lieve complimenten!

    Heel gaaf! Rustig en toch vrolijk en vrouwelijk.

    this looks like my dream house, girlie but quirky!

    My gosh, this is gorgeous! I wish I could decorate like this!

    I love her house – it’s girly and minimal but not over-the-top.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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